Game Framework

Simple game framework (including examples) for educational purposes

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This project provides a very simple game framework which is used in lectures on Java programming. It is not intended for real-world game projects.

The requirements for the framework were:

  • It is pure Java and runs on any operating system
  • Does not require any native library
  • Encapsulates typical problems like sprites and thread programming

To test and improve the framework, some sample games are also included in this repository. Currently these are

  • SpaceWars: A side scrolling space shooter
  • Dodger: A rabbit has to avoid the falling suns
  • Save the frog: Safely bring the frog to the other side

The games are neither complete nor are all elements of the original game included. They are just tests for the framework and examples for the students. The games are improved together with the framework.

The next step after the framework is more complete is to develop the corresponding exercises for the students.

If you like the idea and have any improvements for the framework or the example games, do not hesitate to contact me.